CEC Athletes’ Commission



The purpose of the Athletes’ Commission (AC) is to represent and promote the views and interests of the various athletes of Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) to the CEC’s Board of Directors and management on all issues which directly or indirectly affect athletes. The AC is a group of athletes (former or current) that give recommendations to the CEC board in order to bring the best conditions for open competitors to compete, train and expand in. Discussions in the AC can vary from rules and regulations, quotas, performance, training camps, etc.

An AC is responsible for thinking objectively for the good of all the athletes nd participants in the country. Where possible, the AC should represent the diversity of the sport in Canada, from gender and geography to disciplines. The AC will be primarily geared towards senior athletes but will reflect on youth programs and competitions as well.

The AC will be the collective voice of all the CEC’s athletes, regardless of discipline and will assist the organization in its fulfillment of its mission and the pursuit of its vision.


The Athletes’ Commission is governed by an elected Leadership Board. Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Athletes, to be conducted yearly in May/June.

Athlete Commission Charter


The Athletes’ Commission and CEC Management will collect participants feedback on a regular basis, by sending Satisfaction Survey. The goal of these surveys is to engage in a dialogue with the Community in order to continuously improve the participants’ experience with CEC activities. Feedback is collected anonymously.

Satisfaction Surveys will be sent:

  • After each CEC-Sanctioned Event (participants)
  • At mid-point and at end point in the International Competition Season (HP athletes)



Licensed athletes with CEC can contact the Athletes’ Commission at any time to provide feedback or ask questions.



  • PRESIDENT (term 2021-2023):
  • LEAD REPRESENTATIVE (term 2021-2023):
  • BOULDER REPRESENTATIVE (term 2022-2024):
  • SPEED REP (term 2021-2023):
  • MEMBERS AT-LARGE (term 2022-2023):
    • Aidan Pinsk, Active CEC athlete
    • Allison Vest, Retired CEC athlete
    • Farnaz Esmaeilzadeh, Active CEC athlete
    • Nathan Smith, Active CEC athlete
    • Michael Finn-Henry, Active CEC athlete

Read the bio of your representatives HERE.

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