CEC Coaches Workshop – September 2022

Sep 15, 2022

CEC was happy to host climbing coaches from across the nation for an in-person workshop weekend. This was our first in-person workshops since the pandemic, and we were grateful for the opportunity to bring many knowledgeable people into the same room to learn with and from each other. This workshop was by invitation only, and was aiming to address some challenges within the CEC’s structure and environment, as it relates to the role of the coach.

The weekend addressed topics such as:

  • Long-term athlete development
  • Safe Sport and Mental health
  • Roles and responsibilities of club, provincial and national coaches
  • IFSC Trends and observations
  • Athlete transitions
  • World Cup Season performance data
  • Coach fatigue
  • And more!

The team welcomed a social climb on the Saturday night, hosted at Altitude Climbing, Kanata.

CEC is planning to host more of these type of events in the future, addressing needs and challenges relating to all stakeholders in our community (routesetters, judges, athletes, volunteers, etc). Sign up for our newsletter to hear about events such as these and more – click here.

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