CEC Speed Series


  • Category: Youth B (14-15), Youth A (16-17), Junior (18-19), Senior (16+ years old)
  • Division: Female / Male
  • LTAD Stages targeted: Train to Train, Train to Compete, Learn to Win & Winning for a living
  • Events (2): National Championships, and National Development Camp
  • Discipline: Speed
  • Length: 2 days (1-2 day competition and/or 1 day development camp)



  • Crowning National Champions
  • Continuous National Ranking (CNR) points
  • High Performance Program (HPP) entry pathway
  • Youth World Championship (YWC) Selection Pathway
  • Development opportunity for athletes who will not make HPP, World Cup / World (Youth) Championships teams
  • Preparation event for athletes who will make HPP, WC and WYC teams
  • Talent identification event for 16-19 years old athletes
  • Officials’ development opportunity
  • Development opportunity for athletes and coaches in speed climbing
  • National celebration of our sport



These events will take place over 2 days:

  • Day 1 – Speed Competition, all divisions
  • Day 2 – Speed Competition, all divisions & National Speed Camp to support development of speed climbing in Canada



Pathway #1 – Pre-Qualification Pathway

  • HPP Athletes
    • Current HPP Athletes at the 5 months mark will receive a direct invitation to the National Championships
    • Quotas will be discipline-based (HPP athletes in lead will receive invitation for lead event, etc)
  • Automatic Qualifying Times
    • Athletes performing an automatic time (determined by the HP staff) will receive an invitation to the National Championships
    • Automatic time will be determined at the start of the season, based on world-level averages
    • Time must be performed in sanctioned competition using an electronic timing system within the previous 12 months

Note: Unused quota from Pre-qualification Pathways will be re-allocated (added) to Provincial Qualification Pathways

Pathway #2 – Provincial Qualification Pathways

  • PTSO Guaranteed Nationals Quotas
    • Each province and territories will start with a fixed number of quota spots for the National Championships. The fixed number of quotas will be determined at least 5 months ahead of the National event based on capacity
    • Minimum required time may be added to the qualification process. This will be determined at least 5 months prior to the event based on facility capacity
    • Each province and territory has autonomy to decide how they will fill these quotas. CEC highly recommends the hosting of a fair competition to qualify the athletes in an equitable manner
    • Unused quota in this category will be re-allocated to the other provinces in the same region using a membership size priority system



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