Job Posting – Head Coach for National Youth Team

Dec 20, 2019

December 20, 2019 – Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) is seeking one (1) qualified candidate to act as:

National Youth Team Head Coach
2020 Youth National Team Program (YNTP).

This is a paid independent contractor engagement which will involve the training of lead, bouldering and speed athletes in preparation for the Youth World Championships. The National Youth Team Head Coach will be part of the Team Canada Officials, which also includes the Assistant Coaches, Team Manager and Team Therapist.

Team Canada Officials will work together to provide the best conditions possible for athletes to prepare and compete at the WYCH. The team officials will undertake the following roles:

The 2020 Youth World Championships Squad will travel and stay together with the selected team officials. Parents will not be required to travel or chaperone their athletes during the event. Parents who choose to attend the YWCH will not stay with the team. Consequently, team officials will also have the responsibility to chaperone athletes for the entirety of the competition.

  1. The National Youth Team Head Coach will be responsible for: the overall administration of the program; gathering input from, and giving direction to, the team officials; team building; all team logistics; all technical and training components; and, supervising all athletes during the selection camp and WYCH. The Head Coach will also sit on the Youth National Team Program selection committee.
  1. The Team Manager is responsible for: coordinating the team application process; researching, planning, and coordinating all travel, accommodation, transportation and meals for the selection camp and WYCH.
  1. The Assistant Coaches are responsible for: assisting in the coordination of the training program for all athletes (lead, bouldering and speed) and the training days leading up to the WYCH; preparation of all athletes during the WYCH; and, supervising all athletes during the selection camp and WYCH. The Assistant Coaches are also members of the Youth National Team Program selection committee.
  1. The Team Therapist is responsible for: developing an injury prevention program for all athletes (lead, bouldering and speed); assessing and monitoring the physical health of all athletes; providing on-site medical response as required; working with the athlete’s personal health providers when necessary; and, supervising all athletes during the training camp and at the WYCH.

Term of Engagement:    The successful candidate will be engaged to provide services until Sep 10th/2020. The CEC and the successful candidates may choose to extend the service period provided the CEC is satisfied with the candidate’s performance.     

Compensation:  Reimbursement of travel, accommodation, and meal expenses for the selection camp and WYCH. Additional coaching wages will be negotiated based on candidate qualifications and the CEC’s operating budget.

Application Deadline:    January 3, 2020 midnight PST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The successful candidate will be notified no later than Jan 7/2020.

Please e-mail a cover letter and coaching resume to the CEC High Performance Director:

[email protected]

National Youth Team: Head Coach


Successful candidates will possess:

  • A current Standard First Aid certification, with CPR C and AED, or equivalent (required)
  • a minimum of five (5) years coaching experience with a club team or youth program; during this time, must have coached at a minimum level of a Youth National Championships (required)
  • experience as national team assistant coach or equivalent.
  • experience in developing and delivering youth competition climbing

programs, including program design and implementation (required); all 3 disciplines.

  • have an excellent understanding of current IFSC competition climbing rules and regulations, including appeal procedures and International formats (required)
  • experience as a competition route setter at Regional, National or higher-level competitions (preferred)
  • excellent people skills (required)
  • excellent ability to work with others in a team with varied opinions and approaches (required)
  • the ability to work with other coaches and athletes of all age groups (required)
  • the ability to work with coaches of other countries (required)
  • certification with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in the Multi-Sport Module (asset)
  • bilingual in English and French oral and written communication (preferred)
  • a Criminal Record Check/ Vulnerable Sector Check (required)


The successful candidates will be expected to attend the following:

  • Youth National Team Program Selection Camps: Boulder, Mar 4-7, Kanata, ONT

                                                                                   Lead/Speed, June 5-8, Richmond, BC

  • World Youth Championships (WYCH): Voronezh, Russia – August 23-31, 2020

Other responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to:

  • aiding in the selection of the Youth National Team
  • developing a training program for lead, bouldering and speed athletes to be instituted after each Youth National Championships
  • assisting in the organization of the team training camp
  • contributing to each athlete’s performance file, including observations from the competition season, Youth National Championships, training camp, the WYCH, and other interactions with the athlete
  • monitoring the athletes’ overall health and wellness (physical and emotional)
  • supervising the athletes at the competition venue, including helping with transportation, food and other nurturing needs of the athletes as required
  • contributing to each athlete’s debrief at the end of the WYCH (if in attendance)
  • assisting with all team functions
  • attending all team officials’ meetings
  • contributing to team planning through the team officials’ Facebook group
  • contributing to the final report after the WYCH

Climbing Escalade Canada encourages diversity in our sport and workplace and seeks applications from all qualified persons. Bilingual in French and English will be an asset.

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